EventBank 捷会易现全球品牌升级为 Glue Up 未来链接。想知道我们升级品牌的原因,以及它对您有何影响?
EventBank 捷会易现全球品牌升级为Glue Up 未来链接!

Partner Programs

Glue Up ,在一起!

成为 Glue Up 的“推荐合作伙伴”或“渠道合作伙伴”,在帮助 Glue Up 拓展全球市场的同时赚取高额佣金。

paygage is accessible

从全球 500 强企业、Startups 创新公司,到商协会、公益社群等 NGO 组织,Glue Up 一体化云平台已成为它们实现高效业务链接的首选!

成为 Glue Up 全球发展战略规划的一员

Generate new revenue promoting all-in-one solutions you and customers you bring to Glue Up will love.


两款免费的移动端 App

Glue Up 有 2 款移动端 App,一款为管理者打造,方便其随时随地进行云端高效管理;另一款为参会者与社群会员打造,方便其随时保持互动,提升活动体验。


Premium user experience battle-tested for our clients and their communities’ absolute comfort.



Software Consultants
Association Management Companies
Event Agencies
Marketing Agencies
Key Opinion Leaders
Implementation Specialists

What makes Glue Up special?

A successful partnership starts with a great product that works both for you and your clients.

Glue Up Top 20 Rated in Capterra
Glue Up is one of GetApp Category Leaders for Association Management Jul-20
Glue Up is one of the Software Advice Frontrunners for Association Management Jul-20

Two distinctive partnership programs:

Glue Up 渠道合作伙伴计划

Glue Up 渠道合作伙伴计划:是指合作伙伴可以自主完成销售 Glue Up 的云解决方案,并全权负责管理整个销售周期。

Glue Up 渠道合作伙伴计划

Glue Up 推荐合作伙伴计划:是指合作伙伴可以为 Glue Up 推荐潜在客户,由 Glue Up 的销售团队完成整个销售工作。

Are you a good fit?



How long does it take for applications to be reviewed?

You will hear from us within 5 business days if your application is approved.


Please email partner@glueup.com for any questions you might have or contact us here.

Does Glue Up provide any marketing materials to help with the promotion?

Once you become Glue Up Partner, you will receive a full suite of marketing materials. Including pre-written emails, product presentations, access to the platform, and banners.Everything you might need to easily copy/paste anywhere you'd like to promote Glue Up's cloud solutions.

Glue Up 的总部设立在哪里?

Our customers come from more than 50 countries around the world. We currently maintain offices in each continet. Check out our offices.

Where are you looking for the partners?

Since our solutions are in high demand all around the world, we welcome partners from everywhere who want to sell or recommend our solutions to apply.

Who are your typical clients?

Our engagement management solutions are helping hundreds of organizations become more efficient. They're powering multinational enterprises, chambers of commerce, associations, startups, training companies and NGOs.